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"Ouch, my back!" is an exclamation you hate to hear coming out of anybody's mouth -least of all your own. Even so, 4 out of 5 people will fall prey to back pain sooner or later. If you're already a member of that unfortunate club, you're probably worried that your agonizing pain can only be resolved through major surgery. But most cases of back pain respond well to purely natural treatment methods -including the back pain treatment options we provide here at City Chiropractic in Portland, OR.

Chiropractor treating patient for back pain The Underlying Issues Behind Your Back Pain

Your back is tasked with so many demanding activities that it would almost seem unnatural not to experience pain in this critical part of your body's "scaffolding." A great many problems can afflict the collection of vertebrae, discs, soft tissue and nerve tissue that make up your back. Just a few of the more common causes of back pain include:

  • Poor posture - Even a slight deviation from a straight posture can cause chronic back muscle strain.
  • Overuse injuries - If you're always bending or twisting your back, you can develop tendinitis and other signs of overuse.
  • Bulging discs - Bulging discs not only put an extra burden on your vertebral joints; they may also press against nerve tissue.
  • Herniated discs - Herniated discs are painful in and of themselves, while the fluid they exude can cause acute irritation to major nerve roots.
  • Acute injuries - A heavy lifting injury can damage back muscles, while a high-velocity blow to the body can knock the spine out of alignment.
  • Weight changes - Obesity and pregnancy both place extra stress on the lower back.

Chiropractic Care and Other Natural Treatment Options

Conservative healing modalities can be highly effective for either acute or chronic back pain treatment. Either chiropractor on our team can discover the specific injury or dysfunction responsible for your back pain through the careful diagnostic process. If your spinal alignment is out of order, our chiropractic adjustments can bring the components back into line. This relieves nerve pressure, restores joint function, and reduces abnormal muscular strain. We may also prescribe massage therapy and corrective exercises to help you heal and injury and/or strengthen back support. If your lifestyle has been a factor in your back pain, we can recommend changes to encourage a more pain-free future.

Call the Chiropractor Portland Prefers for Back Pain Relief

Don't subject yourself to needless surgery or take chances with your back. Call the chiropractor Portland prefers for back pain treatment at (503) 224-9513. We can offer non-invasive answers to your painful predicament!


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