What is a Chiropractic Adjustment and How Does it Help Stop Pain?

One of the most well-known treatments offered by your chiropractor in Portland, OR is the adjustment. However, many people aren't aware of the details of this procedure or how it helps to alleviate pain. In fact, it may come as a surprise to learn that chiropractic adjustments aren't just for back pain, but can help to get rid of pain elsewhere in the body as well. Here are some things you should know about this popular procedure:

patient getting a chiropractic adjustment in portland, OR

What is Spinal Manipulation?

A chiropractic adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation, involves no drugs or surgery. Instead, the doctor uses physical pressure to get the vertebrae to line up properly. There are a number of methods that a chiropractor may use, but they all have the goal of getting the spine's components to work together the way they should.

How Does a Spinal Adjustment Help Stop Back Pain?

The first way an adjustment helps is by eliminating improper mechanical stresses on the spine. When the vertebrae aren't lined up right, both gravity and muscular actions put undue stress on small parts of these bones. This can easily lead to back pain.

Next, spinal adjustment helps with specific problems, such as herniated discs, that painfully pinch or irritate the nerves. Relieving pressure on such a disc can allow it to return to its normal shape, resorb leaked fluid, and stop the agony it has been causing.

How Do Adjustments Help With Other Pain?

When nerves are irritated, they don't always send the pain signal from the actual point of the problem. Instead, they can send, or "refer," pain to other body parts that they serve. One of the most common conditions of this sort is sciatica. The sciatic nerve comes out near the base of the spine, but it runs all the way down your leg into your foot. When it is irritated at the spinal column, severe pain may be felt anywhere along its length.

Though the sciatic nerve is the most infamous for doing this, all other nerves can work in the same way. Therefore, you may find that a chiropractic adjustment is a perfect solution for a pain that has previously been hard to diagnose.

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