City Chiropractic Offers Help for Disc Problems

Spinal discs are the rubbery, gel-filled pads that help cushion the vertebrae of the spine. They are held in place by ligaments that move only enough to allow comfortable movement in the back. However, these discs can experience damage that leads to discomfort and poor range of motion. At City Chiropractic in Portland, OR, we offer help for patients experiencing pain from disc problems.

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Degenerative Disc Disease

Aging can cause the spinal disc to dry out, leading to less flexibility and more problems with movement. The discs can also develop small tears that can cause pain and reduced function of the spine. Your Portland chiropractor can design a care plan to relieve pressure on spinal discs and improve movement of the back.

Disc Herniation

Discs that cushion the spinal vertebrae may cause problems when the fluid within the disc pushes through the cover that encapsulates it, a condition called “herniation,” "slipped disc," or “herniated disc.” Not all disc herniations produce uncomfortable symptoms, but some do. The type of symptoms experienced is related to where on the spinal column the herniation has occurred. The individual may experience back pain, discomfort in the arms or legs, or weakness or tingling in extremities.


The sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the human body, runs through the lower spine into the pelvis and down the backs of the legs. Discs disorders can cause pressure on this nerve, which can result in back pain, leg pain, tingling, numbness, and sometimes weakness in the leg. Chiropractic measures can relieve pressure on this important nerve, allowing greater comfort and function in the legs.

Chiropractic Techniques Can Help Disc Problems

Your chiropractor in Portland can offer a number of different techniques to resolve your disc issue. Manual adjustment reduces pressure on muscles and nerves, allowing for improved function of the spinal column. Corrective exercises strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and range of motion. Massage therapy helps to relieve pain and improve flexibility and muscle function.

Make City Chiropractic Your Chiropractor in Portland for Disc Problems

The team at City Chiropractic combines their years of expertise in chiropractic care to promote greater comfort and better health for their patients in Portland, OR and nearby communities. We have experience in managing a number of problems, including auto accident injuries, back disorders, neck pain, and others. Call City Chiropractic today at 503-224-9513 for an appointment to discuss the chiropractic techniques that can resolve your back pain and disc issues.

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