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Job injuries happen to people around the country every day. If you happen to suffer from a work injury, finding appropriate treatment is a must. Contact City Chiropractic in Portland to make an appointment with our chiropractor for an assessment if you are dealing with discomfort or pain. Read the following information about work injuries to learn how our chiropractor can help.

Work Injury

Common Work Place Injuries

There are many ways that someone can become injured while on the job. If poor safety practices are used, it is likely someone will be hurt in time. Many workers get hurt because they use improper furniture, fail to use safety tools, or perform their tasks without taking ample time to rest. Cuts, scrapes, muscle injuries, headaches, and concussions are all conditions that workers suffer from due to specific circumstances while on the job. Fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, and migraines are some other injuries that typically affect workers.

How to Avoid a Work Injury

It is of the utmost importance to adhere to any safety procedures in place within the workplace to help keep you from becoming hurt. If you are not aware of these processes, contact your manager to find out if there is documentation pertaining to your expected tasks to help reduce the risk of an injury. Make sure to be extremely careful when lifting heavy items. Always use a back brace or enlist help from a coworker. Take this time to rest and stretch your body before you return to your normal activities. If possible, use ergonomically approved furniture, tools, and equipment at work. 

How Our Chiropractor Treats Workplace Injuries

If you have a workplace injury, our chiropractor will conduct an evaluation of the affected part of your body to determine the intensity of your injury before a treatment plan is devised. If you had seen a family doctor or went to a hospital for the injury, bring along any documentation you retained from your appointment to give to our practitioner. This ensures duplicate treatment is not administered.

Many ailments can be remedied with help from spinal adjustments. These will reduce stress upon the joints in the body, giving you quick relief. Many people find discomfort subsides right after a treatment. Physical therapy, massage, temperature control, and lifestyle changes could also help reduce pain from a work injury accident injury.

If you are experiencing discomfort from a work injury, contact City Chiropractic in Portland to make an appointment for an evaluation and to learn more about services we provide. Reach out to our chiropractor today by calling our office at (503) 224-9513.

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