Many people get occasional headaches, but the pain usually doesn't last too long. Migraine headaches are more serious. Migraines cause more symptoms than a typical headache and they can make you feel miserable. Fortunately, our chiropractors at City Chiropractic in Portland can help relieve your pain and other symptoms caused by migraines.


What are Migraines?

Migraines are headaches that cause severe pain. They often begin with symptoms that let you know that you are about to experience a headache. Unlike a typical headache, migraines can last for several hours to several days. Finally, the pain associated with a migraine can be disabling. If you are suffering from a migraine, you will likely experience a severe headache along with other symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Sensitivity to lights, sounds, smells, and touch
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blurry vision
  • Lightheartedness
  • Halos around lights
  • Seeing bright spots and flashes

Who is at Risk for Migraines?

While anyone can develop a migraine, there are certain factors that make a person more prone to having one. These factors include:

  • Family History: If you have a family member who frequently gets migraines, you could as well.
  • Age: Most cases of migraine headaches begin in adolescence. They often peak when a person is in their 30s and then they taper off over the years.
  • Sex: According to recent studies, women are three times for likely to have migraines than men.

What are the Common Causes of Migraines?

Migraine headaches are not completely understood; however, genetics and environmental factors can play a role in causing migraines. There are a few things that can trigger a migraine headache:

  • Hormone Changes: In women, hormone fluctuation can trigger a migraine. This can occur during pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause.
  • Drinks: Drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine or alcohol can trigger a migraine.
  • Stress: Extreme stress at work or home can trigger a migraine.
  • Weather: When there is a drop in barometric pressure, it can cause a migraine.
  • Sensory Stimuli: If you are exposed to very bright lights or loud noises, it can trigger a migraine.
  • Physical Activity: Excessive physical exertion can trigger a migraine.

How Can Our Chiropractor Help Treat and Manage Migraines?

If you are suffering from migraines, a chiropractor may be able to help. In fact, headaches are the third most common reason that people see chiropractors. Recent studies have shown that spinal manipulation can relieve a headache. Our chiropractor may also use heat and ice treatment, strengthening and stretching exercises, and massage to help treat your migraines.

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